Daniele Marinelli about Metaverse consumers trends 

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  1. When it comes to technology, one of the main innovations – if not one the main one – is the metaverse. This virtual space, which was first made true by the gaming universe, tends to be more and more under the magnifying lens, even for business purposes. So much that several brands are already investing in this type of platform. The question now being asked is what might change with the growing interest raised by the metaverse. Will electronic consumers, for example, benefit from the new technology? Apparently, yes. 
  2. First of all, have a look at the Daniele Marinelli Umetaworld here.
    1. What is the metaverse and how did it come about?

Although the term is more popular now, the metaverse has been around for a while. This idea first appeared in a science fiction book, called Snow Crash, written by Neal Stephenson in 1992. In the story, people use characters (avatars) to live another life in the digital universe. 

From there, it is possible to understand the concept of the metaverse: an extension of the universe we know through technology. It may seem confusing at first, but after the dominance of social networks, “living” in a virtual universe is something definitely more imaginable.

Not the least because, on the Internet, people also have a social life, which is not necessarily the same as their real one.

Just a few years ago, it was surprising that a company had a website and a digital presence. Nowadays, being on the Internet is the minimum requirement to be found by online shoppers. And this is why companies in all segments use the Net to sell.

Superstores are the precursors of what now regularly happens for online shopping. In one of Brazil’s largest networks, through “Extra Offers” online brochures, consumers can access promotions in brochures similar to those handed out in physical stores. This save paper and it’s environmentally correct from a side and makes people better plan their purchases from the other, btw with full awareness of prices and possible saving.

  1. Metaverse: is this the future of retail?

Just as website and apps have influenced the way people go shopping, the expectation is that the metaverse will do something similar but on a wider scale. 

Although still in its infancy, experts are already pointing out what the main usages and benefits of the metaverse might be, depending on the industry. 

For example, the new platforms could help a lot when it comes to training and qualifications: people will be able to access courses from all over the world without moving from home.. 

A large mining company operating worldwide will be able to support professionals from different locations. This will make it easier to teach how to use a piece of equipment by replicating the day-to-day use in the virtual environment. 

Going to retail, online shoppers will have the opportunity to try on clothes, shoes and accessories. 

This is due to VR and AR technology, which could allow to wear clothes with the avatar, deciding the ones that fits bets the needs, and then make the final choice, Daniele Marinelli says.

As such, the trend is for online sales to grow even more, considering that many people go to buy in person just because of the different customer experience. And the trend will grow the more immersive the experience will be.

Several companies have announced that they will enter the metaverse, such as Carrefour and Samsung. 

The expectation is that other organizations will join them soon, after all, it seems just logical if we look at metaverse as the web 3.0. 

So while brands cannot miss out these new opportunities, consumers will also want to try this new technological life.



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