Meet Daniele Calimera Italian Artist

Daniele Calimera is an Italian artist, vocal coach and musician of Roman origin, expert in the techniques of “MIX voice”. Since 2015 she has been a certified singing teacher by the Institute for Vocal Advancement. He has studied and collaborated with Italian and international artists such as Arabella Valone, Roberto Delli Carri, Jeffrey Skouson and Stephanie Borm-Krueger.  Its official website is

The “MIX Voice” technique: This technique is based on the school of Italian belcanto, the aim is to find the balance of the registers (MIX Voice) to obtain a noble sound, without high timbral changes or vocal breaks. This method lends itself to every musical genre, from rock to pop, from jazz to opera, from musical theater to soul.  Each lesson is recorded and released to the student so that he can practice at home.

Daniele Calimera Music and Singing Teacher: Daniele Calimera’s lessons are addressed to the novice student who is at least 18 years old and wants to start approaching singing and vocal technique to make it a profession. Daniele Calimera also offers lessons to professionals and artists who want to be regularly followed by a vocal coach qualified during the various tours, up to the singers who must prepare themselves for various types of auditions (musicals, television programs, etc.).

Daniele Calimera Vocal Coach: The teaching method tends to balance the vocal registers to find a natural vocal emission, without efforts, which gives the student the possibility of expanding his vocal range, singing with more agility among the various registers, enhancing the voice, find a balance between the voice of the chest, mixed and head and apply it all on the favorite songs and genres of the student. Daniele Calimera will work the student with targeted exercises both from the point of view of the scales and from the point of view of the vocalizations to be used based on the vocal trend of the student (puller, weighty voice, falsetto, flip etc.).  The exercises are aimed at finding a vocal balance between the use of the chest voice and the head voice through the discovery of the MIX which helps to mix these two registers.

DC Vocal Studio by Daniele Calimera:


2010 Study and study of music theory, harmony, solfeggio and complementary plan

2010 Singer with the Italian rock band Never Blame where he writes and interprets new pieces in Italian

2010 – 2012 Study of vocal technique with the Arabella Vallone teacher

2012 In-depth study of the MIX technique through the Institute for Vocal Advancement with maestro Roberto Delli Carri on Rome and with various masters and Master teachers from all over the world including Jeffrey Skouson (IVA master teacher, vocal coach of many international artists including  Imagine Dragons and The Killers), Stephanie Borm-Krueger (IVA master teacher, vocal coach for The Voice Germany), Rachel Black (IVA mentor teacher, vocal coach of Seal),

2013 Participation and subsequent certificate for the in-depth course on vocal registers held by maestro Roberto Delli Carri

2013 – 2015: Collaborations with various local cover bands such as the Stormwind Europe tribute band and the OverCover band with which he performed in clubs and theaters in the capital.  2016: Participation in various VAT conferences, including VIVACON

2015 Certification as a VAT vocal teacher where he starts teaching and starting his DCVocalStudio studio, giving on-site lessons and via Skype. Artistic experiences 2008 –

2016 with various Italian, international artists such as Mario Rosini, Timothy Martin, Giorgia Giuntoli and with the participation of Dr. Franco Fussi as speaker on the relationship between vocal technique and vocal health

2017 – 2018 He plays with various bands as a singer-songwriter in Great Britain especially Rock and Hard Rock covers.