Giampaolo Lo Conte: BitCoin glass half full, the confidence of American investors grows slowly

The Italian entrepreneur commented on a recent study by the World Economic Forum concerning the relationship between Americans and investments in cryptocurrencies. Only a “small slice” of the population with stars and stripes has made investments of this kind. 41% of people would invest elsewhere.

The World Economic Forum or World Economic Forum is a foundation that periodically discusses the most urgent issues in the fields of economy, health and the environment. The Forum is held annually in the ski resort of Davos in Switzerland and allows prominent members of the international economy to meet with politicians, journalists and industry entrepreneurs. Since 1971, the World Economic Forum has celebrated several studies on the management of European and global industrial processes. This summer, in August, the Forum published the results of a research on the confidence rate of Americans towards investments in cryptocurrencies. The research was carried out by analyzing the “BitCoin” phenomenon which in the last 2 years has attracted numerous investments from traditional currencies, reaching very high values: in December 2017 1 Bitcoin was worth around 20,000 Dollars. Investing in BitCoin has allowed many people this year to earn revenues in the short term.

The diffusion of digital coins has been cleared by the new “blockchain” technologies and by the spread of a growing trust on the part of the people who “extract” Bitcoin and invest in its growth. The “blockchain”, which literally means “chain of blocks”, is a new concept of encrypted Internet: it is a process in which users share information resources in a decentralized, transparent, secure and immutable way. The “blockchain” and the new “trust” method of cryptocurrencies have entered universities, the mass media, and everyday languages. There are numerous offline and online businesses that accept payments in digital currencies. Despite this, as reported in the study published in August by the World Economic Forum, only a “small slice” of Americans (more precisely 8%) has invested with confidence and constancy on a digital currency; 41% stated that they would never make an investment of this kind and the remaining part said it was uncertain and suspicious of the true value of cryptocurrencies. The numbers of these researches have also found that the figure of 100,000.00 Dollars would be the ideal gain desired by those who made an investment in Bitcoin. We invite you to click here to learn more about the results of this research that has already collected several comments from experts and enthusiasts of cryptocurrencies

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We met Giampaolo Lo Conte, trader and successful entrepreneur who in recent years had intervened on the interim World Economic Forum, whose program of the next event is written in full on the official WEF website. We asked him about the Economic Forums that dealt with the issues related to the “blockchain” technologies and the cryptocurrency financial markets. “Virtually all the Economic Forums in the world have dealt with these new topics in one way or another,” Lo Conte said, “not only from the economic but also from the social and environmental point of view. For example, in recent months in Europe the focus has been on eco-mining and some states have promoted initiatives to invest in renewable energy for this type of activity “. Explain it better. “In the world there is a finite number of cryptograms that are processed on this Internet of transactions that we also call” block chain “. These processes consume electrical energy which is calculated as equal to 1% of the electricity consumed for domestic use in a European country. The initiatives in favor of eco-mining are used to reduce the consumption of electricity and to stabilize the use of “blockchain” and extraction technologies (“mining”) of the cryptomonete. ”

As reported by the WEF study Only 41% of Americans would invest in Bitcoin or other cryptomonete. What do you think Giampaolo Lo Conte also in the light of his experiences in other economic forums? “I think the distrust trend is normal and that this percentage can be seen as a half-full glass, considering that only 2 years ago confidence was less than 1%. My impression is that awareness and use of cryptocurrencies increase, even if not everyone will feel secure in making an economic investment in them “.

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